About DITO

DITO series is our newest developed smart vibrator,Simulate Real Male Penis Insertion ; Top Feeling Smart Vibrators ; WIFI Remote Control ;Vibration Frequency Change With Music ;50 kinds of Vibration Mode ; You can decide vibrator’s frequency ; Collect Your Orgasm Data ; High Elasticity Silicone Material .

DITO has the most competitive price in smart vibrator market,  No doubt , DITO series is your best choice of smart vibrators.


FEATURES of dito

WIFI Remote Control

DITO using luetooth 4.0 , Compatible with Android 4.0/IOS 7.0 vision ,WIFI Remote Control

Collect Your Orgasm Data

The APP of DITO can Collect Your Orgasm Data , Know your Orgasm time. You can decide vibrator's frequency.

High Elasticity Silicone Material

DITO Adopt High Elasticity Silicone Material ,100% waterproof Non disassembly seamless technology


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