The process of childbirth can cause direct injury, and even avulsion, of the pelvic floor muscle, connective tissue or the pudendal nerve.
During pregnancy the pelvic floor muscle is subjected to prolonged stretching and compression from the increasing weight of the growing baby. At the same time the high progesterone levels decrease collagen production, leading to the slackening of connective tissue.
With age comes collagen degeneration (weakening your connective tissue) and a generally weaker pelvic floor muscle.
A weak pelvic floor and connective tissue will struggle to support the pelvic organs and could lead to a tilted uterus, metroptosis, weakening and prolapse of the vaginal walls and rectum, lower abdominal bulge, decline of vaginal tightness, fecal and urinary incontinence, lack of orgasm and a lowering of sexual pleasure and the quality of your sex life.
Regular and effective kegel exercises can combat the effects childbirth, pregnancy and ageing have on your pelvic floor muscles; and the IBALL is the ideal product to help you maintain a regular training programme.