06/18/2015 By ABBY 0

CST Best Selling HiBall Got Three Patents

Good news: CST group persist in offering top quality products with latest technologies. Recently, our main product HiBall got three patents, including patent for PC muscle recovery function, airbag and the antenna.

HiBall is an intelligent kegel exercise device that has been scientifically designed to restore pelvic muscle tone, strength and control and it can function as a smart phone controlled, 100%waterproof, vibrating love egg as well. HiBall uses three-dimensional stress testing technology to measure your kegel exercises. The HiBall smart phone app (available for IOS and Android) analyses four dimensions of your work-out: strength, explosive power, endurance and repetitions. The app will coach you through more efficient and effective Kegel exercises, helping you achieve the ultimate results in less time. This innovative and interactive way of training makes Kegel exercises fun and rewarding.